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Chemistry of lanthanide–metal carbonyl systems: the ytterbium–chromium carbonyls interaction 1-gen-2001 Grillone, M. D.; Addamo, M.; Volpe, M.
Assembling process of charged nonanuclear cationic lanthanide(III) clusters assisted by dichromium decacarbonyl hydride 1-gen-2004 Addamo, Maurizio; Bombieri, Gabriella; Foresti, Elisabetta; Grillone, M Domenica; Volpe, Maurizio
Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of a new series of hydroxide ion acetylacetonate lanthanide(III)—ditungsten decacarbonyl hydride complexes 1-gen-2004 Volpe, M; Bombieri, G; Clemente, D. A; Foresti, E; Grillone, M. D
Laser flash photolysis and time resolved infrared spectroscopy studies of fac,cis-[MeIr(CO)2I3]- relevant intermediate in iridium/iodide catalyzed carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid 1-gen-2005 Ford, P. C.; Volpe, M.
Porosity of anodic alumina membranes from electrochemical measurements 1-gen-2005 Sunseri, C.; Spadaro, C.; Piazza, S.; Volpe, M.; Quarto, F. Di
Photochemical and time resolved spectroscopic studies of intermediates relevant to iridium-catalyzed methanol carbonylation: photoinduced CO migratory insertion 1-gen-2006 Volpe, Maurizio; Wu, Guang; Iretskii, Alexei; Ford, Peter C
Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of cationic polynuclear hydroxide acetylacetonate lanthanide(III) clusters with homodinuclear or heterodinuclear decacarbonyl hydrides: [HMo2(CO)10]− and [HCrW(CO)10]− 1-gen-2006 Volpe, M.; Bombieri, G.; Marchini, N.
Developing a procedure to optimize electroless deposition of thin palladium layer on anodic alumina membranes 1-gen-2006 Inguanta, Rosalinda; Amodeo, Mariateresa; D'Agostino, Fabio; Volpe, Maurizio; Piazza, Salvatore; Sunseri, Carmelo
Optimized bath for electroless deposition of palladium on amorphous alumina membranes 1-gen-2006 Volpe, Maurizio; Inguanta, Rosalinda; Piazza, Salvatore; Sunseri, Carmelo
Preparation of Pd-Coated Anodic Alumina Membranes for Gas Separation Media 1-gen-2007 Inguanta, Rosalinda; Amodeo, Mariateresa; D’Agostino, Fabio; Volpe, Maurizio; Piazza, Salvatore; Sunseri, Carmelo
Sustainable Production of Bio-Combustibles from Pyrolysis of Agro-Industrial Wastes 1-gen-2014 Volpe, Maurizio; Carmelo, D'Anna; Simona, Messineo; Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Antonio
Evaluation of equilibrium moisture content in ligno-cellulosic residues of olive culture 1-gen-2014 Messineo, Antonio; Giuseppina, Ciulla; Simona, Messineo; Volpe, Maurizio; Volpe, Roberto
Carbon footprint of tree nuts based consumer products 1-gen-2015 Volpe, R.; Messineo, S.; Volpe, M.; Messineo, Antonio
Assessment of olive wastes as energy source: pyrolysis, torrefaction and the key role of H loss in thermal breakdown 1-gen-2015 Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Antonio; Millan, Marcos; Volpe, Maurizio; Kandiyoti, Rafael
Upgrade of citrus waste as a biofuel via slow pyrolysis 1-gen-2015 Volpe, Maurizio; Panno, Domenico; Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Antonio
Catalytic effect of char for tar cracking in pyrolysis of citrus wastes, design of a novel experimental set up and first results 1-gen-2016 Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Simona; Volpe, Maurizio; Messineo, Antonio
Upgrading of olive tree trimmings residue as biofuel by hydrothermal carbonization and torrefaction: a comparative study 1-gen-2016 Volpe, Maurizio; Fiori, Luca; Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Antonio
Micro-gassificatore catalitico multi strato per la gassificazione di biomasse residuali 1-gen-2017 Volpe, Maurizio; Volpe, Roberto; Messineo, Antonio
From olive waste to solid biofuel through hydrothermal carbonisation: The role of temperature and solid load on secondary char formation and hydrochar energy properties 1-gen-2017 Volpe, Maurizio; Fiori, Luca
Hydrothermal carbonization of biomass: design of a bench-scale reactor for evaluating the heat of reaction 1-gen-2018 Merzari, F.; Lucian, M.; Volpe, M.; Andreottola, G.; Fiori, L.
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