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An Innovative Approach for the Management of Cross-Coupling Interference in Street Lighting Networks 1-gen-2017 Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario; Tirrito, Salvatore; Caponetto, Riccardo
Preface of the Symposium “Advanced Engineering Systems and Computer Applications: Theory and Practice” 1-gen-2017 Collotta, Mario; Pau, Giovanni; Di Persio, Luca; De Marchis, Mauro; Milici, Barbara
"An Innovative Approach for forecasting of Energy Requirements to improve a Smart Home Management System based on BLE" - IEEE TGCN was born from three issues of Series on Green Communications and Networking published on IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications - ISSN 0733-8716. 1-gen-2017 Collotta, Mario; Pau, Giovanni
A Fuzzy-Based Approach for Sensing, Coding and Transmission Configuration of Visual Sensors in Smart City Applications 1-gen-2017 Costa, Daniel G; Collotta, Mario; Pau, Giovanni; Duran Faundez, Cristian
Wireless Protocols Comparison to Improve the Performance of Intelligent Traffic Light Junctions 1-gen-2017 Pau, Giovanni; Severino, Alessandro; Canale, Antonino
A survey on driverless vehicles: from their diffusion to security features 1-gen-2018 Arena, Fabio; Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario
Next Generation Wireless Technologies for Internet of Things 1-gen-2018 Pau, Giovanni; Chaudet, Claude; Zhao, Dixian; Collotta, Mario
Real-Time Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks 1-gen-2018 Lee, Jeongcheol; Shah, Babar; Pau, Giovanni; Prieto, Javier; Kim, Ki-Il
A fuzzy-PSO system for indoor localization based on visible light communications 1-gen-2018 Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario; Maniscalco, Vincenzo; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond
LoRaWAN-Based Energy-Efficient Surveillance by Drones for Intelligent Transportation Systems 1-gen-2018 Sharma, Vishal; You, Ilsun; Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario; Lim, Jae; Kim, Jeong
Advanced Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Technologies for the Internet of Things 1-gen-2018 Huang, Haiyu; Lu, Kejie; Pau, Giovanni; Ren, Yong; Chen, Pai-Yen
Bluetooth 5: A Concrete Step Forward toward the IoT 1-gen-2018 Collotta, M.; Pau, G.; Talty, T.; Tonguz, O. K.
Optimization-Oriented Resource Allocation Management for Vehicular Fog Computing 1-gen-2018 Lin, Fuhong; Zhou, Yutong; Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario
Shortest feasible paths with partial charging for battery-powered electric vehicles in smart cities 1-gen-2018 Zhang, Ying; Aliya, Baltabay; Zhou, Yutong; You, Ilsun; Zhang, Xin; Pau, Giovanni; Collotta, Mario
Preface of the symposium “Advanced Engineering Systems and Computer Applications: Theory and Practice” 1-gen-2018 Collotta, Mario; De Marchis, Mauro; Messineo, Antonio; Pau, Giovanni; Di Persio, Luca
A fuzzy-based approach for energy-efficient Wi-Fi communications in dense wireless multimedia sensor networks 1-gen-2018 Collotta, Mario; Pau, Giovanni; Costa, Daniel G.
Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Homes: A Fuzzy-Based Solution for an Energy-Effective Duty Cycle 1-gen-2019 Pau, Giovanni; Salerno, Valerio
V2X Communications Applied to Safety of Pedestrians and Vehicles 1-gen-2019 Arena, Fabio; Pau, Giovanni; Severino, Alessandro
Special Issue “Internet of Things for Smart Homes” 1-gen-2019 You, Ilsun; Pau, Giovanni; Salerno, Valerio Mario; Sharma, Vishal
Blockchain-Based Resource Allocation Model in Fog Computing 1-gen-2019 Wang, Haoyu; Wang, Lina; Zhou, Zhichao; Tao, Xueqiang; Pau, Giovanni; Arena, Fabio
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