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The insulin and igf-I pathway in endocrine glands carcinogenesis 1-gen-2012 Malaguarnera, R; Morcavallo, A; Belfiore, A.
Proinsulin may exert biological effects in MCF-7 human cancer cells through both isoform A of the insulin receptor and atypical IGF-I Receptors 1-gen-2012 Malaguarnera, R; Sacco, A; Belfiore, A.
Discoidin domain receptor 1 is a new mediator of insulin receptor in breast cancer cells 1-gen-2012 Morcavallo, A; Palummo, A; Voci, C; Sacco, A; Albanito, L; Malaguarnera, R; Belfiore, A
In prostate cancer cells metformin inhibits the cross-talk between membrane-initiated androgens and IGF-IR 1-gen-2012 Malaguarnera, R; Sacco, A; Voci, C; Vigneri, R; Belfiore, A.
The role of Metformin in the managment of NAFDL 1-gen-2012 Mazza, A; Fruci, B; Garinis G., A; Giuliano, S; Malaguarnera, R; Belfiore, A
Gonadi. Cap.14 1-gen-2013 Di Carlo, A; Malaguarnera, R
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver: a possible NewTarget for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Treatment 1-gen-2013 Fruci, B; Giuliano, S; Mazza, A; Malaguarnera, R; Belfiore, A
Ghiandole Surrenali. Cap.13 1-gen-2013 Di Carlo, A; Malaguarnera, R
Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 (DDR1) interacts with IGFI-R and modulates its oncogenic role 1-gen-2013 Malaguarnera, R; Morcavallo, A; Nicolosi, Ml; Sacco, A; Stefanello M., Belfiore A
In PCOS patients the addition of low-dose spironolactone induces a more marked reduction of clinical and biochemical hyperandrogenism than metformin alone 1-gen-2014 Mazza, A; Fruci, B; Guzzi, P; D'Orrico, B; Malaguarnera, R; Veltri, P; Fava, A; Belfiore, A
The emerging role of Insulin and Insulin-like growth factor signaling in Cancer Stem Cells 1-gen-2014 Malaguarnera, R; Belfiore, A.
Switch in signaling control of mTORC1 activity after oncoprotein expression in thyroid cancer cell lines 1-gen-2014 Malaguarnera, R; Chen, Ky; Yong Kim, T; Dominguez, Jm; Voza, F; Ouyang, B; Vundavalli, Sk; Knauf, Ja; Fagin, Ja
Chronic exposure to GLP-1 increases GLP-1 synthesis and release in a pancreatic alpha cell line (a-TC1): evidence of a direct effect of GLP-1 on pancreatic alpha cells. 1-gen-2014 Piro, S; Mascali, Lg; Urbano, F; Filippello, A; Malaguarnera, R; Calanna, S; Rabuazzo, Am; Purrello, F.
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Receptor biological functions require Discoidin Domain Receptor 1. 1-gen-2014 Malaguarnera, R; Nicolosi, Ml; Morcavallo, A; Sacco, A; Belfiore, A
GPER1 is regulated by insulin in cancer cells and cancer associated fibroblasts 1-gen-2014 De Marco, P; Romeo, E; Vivacqua, A; Malaguarnera, R; Abonante, S; Romeo, F; Pezzi, V; Belfiore, A; Maggiolini, M
Metformin inhibits androgen-induced IGF-IR upregulation in prostate cancer cells by disrupting membrane initiated androgen signaling 1-gen-2014 Malaguarnera, R; Sacco, A; Morcavallo, A; Squatrito, S; Migliaccio, A; Morrione, A; Maggiolini, M; Belfiore, A.
A novel functional cross-talk between the IGF-I receptor and Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 in breast cancer cells. 1-gen-2015 Vella, V; Nicolosi, M. L.; Sacco, A; Morcavallo, A; Malaguarnera, R; Vigneri, R; Belfiore, A.
Thyrospheres From Normal or Malignant Thyroid Tissue Have Different Biological, Functional, and Genetic Features 1-gen-2015 Giani, F; Vella, V; Nicolosi, Ml; Fierabracci, A; Lotta, S; Malaguarnera, R; Belfiore, A; Vigneri, R; Frasca, F
Novel cross-talk between IGF-IR and DDR1 regulates IGF-IR trafficking, signaling and biological responses 1-gen-2015 Malaguarnera, R; Nicolosi, Ml; Sacco, A; Morcavallo, A; Vella, V; Voci, C; Spatuzza, M; Xu, Sq; Iozzo, Rv; Vigneri, R; Morrione, A; Belfiore, A
Discoidin Domain Receptor 1: a new therapeutic target in cancers with activated IR-A/ IGF-II loop. 1-gen-2015 Malaguarnera, R; Vella, V; Morcavallo, A; Sacco, A; Lo Presti, A; Nicolosi, M. L.; Belfiore, A.
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 110
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