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The effects of urban traffic noise on children at kindergarten and primary school: A case study in Enna 1-gen-2018 Tesoriere, Giovanni; Campisi, Tiziana; Canale, Antonino; Severino, Alessandro
The developing benefits of the advance space line (ASL) systems for planning safer traffic light intersections 1-gen-2019 Renčelj, Marko; Campisi, Tiziana; Canale, Antonino; Tesoriere, Giovanni
The Importance of Assessing the Level of Service in Confined Infrastructures: Some Considerations of the Old Ottoman Pedestrian Bridge of Mostar 1-gen-2019 Campisi, Tiziana; Canale, Antonino; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Lovric, Ivan; Cutura, Boris
The surrogate safety measures evaluation of a staggered crossing on the delta area of Rijeka 1-gen-2019 Campisi, Tiziana; Mrak, Iva; Canale, Antonino; Tesoriere, Giovanni
The role of urban and social factors in the accessibility of urban areas for people with motor and visual disabilities 1-gen-2019 Mrak, Iva; Campisi, Tiziana; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Canale, Antonino; Cindrić, Margareta
The MAAS development as a mobility solution based on the individual needs of transport users 1-gen-2019 Canale, Antonino; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Campisi, Tiziana
The development of walkability in the historic centre of Enna: The case of the Saint Tommaso neighbourhood 1-gen-2019 Campisi, T.; Canale, A.; Tesoriere, G.
Analyses of factors influencing children behaviour while crossing the conflict zones at urban intersections 1-gen-2019 Ištoka Otković, I.; Deluka-Tibljaš, A.; Šurdonja, S.; Canale, A.; Tesoriere, G.; Campisi, T.
The management of pedestrian emergency through dynamic assignment: Some consideration about the “Refugee Hellenism” Square of Kalamaria (Greece) 1-gen-2019 Tesoriere, Giovanni; Canale, Antonino; Severino, Alessandro; Mrak, Iva; Campisi, Tiziana
A cross-study on video data gathering and microsimulation techniques to estimate pedestrian safety level in a confined space 1-gen-2019 Gruden, Chiara; Campisi, Tiziana; Canale, Antonino; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Sraml, Matjaz
Sensitivity analysis and the alternative optimization of the pedestrian level of service: Some considerations applied to a pedestrian street in Greece 1-gen-2019 Campisi, T.; Canale, A.; Tesoriere, G.; Basbas, S.; Nikiforiadis, A.; Vaitsis, P.
Cities under Pressure: Strategies and Tools to Face Climate Change and Pandemic 1-gen-2020 Moraci, Francesca; Errigo, Maurizio Francesco; Fazia, Celestina; Campisi, Tiziana; Castelli, Francesco
Evaluation of Pedestrians’ Behavior and Walking Infrastructure Based on Simulation 1-gen-2020 Campisi, Tiziana; Basbas, Socrates; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Canale, Antonino; Vaitsis, Panagiotis; Zeglis, Dimitris; Andronis, Charilaos
Exploring the TTMS’s Impact to the Accessibility of a Long Distance Stretch Using Micro-simulation Approach 1-gen-2020 Campisi, Tiziana; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Sanfilippo, Luigi; Brignone, Alberto; Canale, Antonino
Cycling traffic at turbo roundabouts: some considerations related to cyclist mobility and safety 1-gen-2020 Campisi, Tiziana; Tibljaš, Aleksandra Deluka-; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Canale, Antonino; Rencelj, Marko; Šurdonja, Sanja
The Evaluation of Home-School Itineraries to Improve Accessibility of a University Campus Trough Sustainable Transport Modes 1-gen-2020 Canale, Antonino; Campisi, Tiziana; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Sanfilippo, Luigi; Brignone, Alberto
Exploring public opinion on personal mobility vehicle use: a case study in Palermo, Italy 1-gen-2020 Campisi, Tiziana; Akgun, Nurten; Ticali, Dario; Tesoriere, Giovanni
Evaluation of walkability and mobility requirements of visually impaired people in urban spaces 1-gen-2020 Campisi, Tiziana; Ignaccolo, Matteo; Inturri, Giuseppe; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Torrisi, Vincenza
Pedestrian level of service assessment in an area close to an under-construction metro line in Thessaloniki, Greece 1-gen-2020 Basbas, Socrates; Campisi, Tiziana; Canale, Antonino; Nikiforiadis, Andreas; Gruden, Chiara
Quantifying the Negative Impact of Interactions Between Users of Pedestrians-Cyclists Shared Use Space 1-gen-2020 Nikiforiadis, Andreas; Basbas, Socrates; Campisi, Tiziana; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Garyfalou, Marina Iliana; Meintanis, Iasonas; Papas, Thomas; Trouva, Mirto
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 117
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