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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Paradigm of Life Extension 1-gen-2010 Dominguez, L. J.; Barbagallo, M; Morley, Je
THE PARADIGM OF LIFE EXTENSION 1-gen-2010 DOMINGUEZ RODRIGUEZ, Ligia Juliana; Barbagallo, Mario; Morley, Je
The performance analysis in volleyball: study on the usefullness of the libero 1-gen-2012 P., Mango; Sgro', FRANCESCO LUCIO; M., Barresi; Pignato, Salvatore; Lipoma, Mario
The place of frailty and vulnerability in the surgical risk assessment: should we move from complexity to simplicity? 1-gen-2018 Barbagallo, Mario; Dominguez, Ligia J.; Cucinotta, Domenico
The polarization of European agriculture: spatial and dynamic features within a non parametric framework 1-gen-2009 Notarstefano, G.; Scuderi, Raffaele
The Possible Relationship between the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Integrative Motor and Sport Activities in the Educational Contest 1-gen-2008 Lipoma, Mario; Gomez Paloma, F; Giglio, M; Sibilio, M.
The predictive role of relational responding abilities on general intelligence, reasoning skills, and executive function 1-gen-2021 Buzzai, C.; Miselli, G.; Capoderose, G.; Presti, G.
The process of sensemaking on the telework virtual community using text mining 1-gen-2005 Giuliano, L; LA ROCCA, Gevisa
The production function of top R&D investors: Accounting for size andsector heterogeneity with quantile estimations 1-gen-2014 Montresor, Sandro; Vezzani, A.
The program Karnak sGbem. Release 2.0 1-gen-2002 Cucco, Filippo; Panzeca, T; Terravecchia, S. S.
The project of knowledge: the case study of the former convent of the Carmine in Enna 1-gen-2012 Cardaci, A; Versaci, Antonella; Zuccarello, S.
The quality of educational relationship at school a field research 1-gen-2013 Rosaria Monteasi, Maria; Nicla Serena Pezone, Luisa; Nicodemo, Maria; Pastena, Nicolina; Gomez Paloma, Filippo
The relation between acculturation strategies, psychological adjustment and intergroup relations among immigrant preadolescents and adolescents living in Italy 1-gen-2005 LO COCO, A; Inguglia, C; Pace, Ugo
The relation between sense of spirituality and well-being in middle adolescence 1-gen-2010 Schimmenti, Valeria; Pace, Ugo
The Relation Between Sense Of Spirituality, Religiosity And Psychosocial Adjustment in Italian Middle Adolescents 1-gen-2010 Pace, Ugo; Schimmenti, Valeria
The Relationship among Self-Efficacy Beliefs, External Locus of Control and Work Stress in Public Setting Schoolteachers 1-gen-2014 Cascio, MAURA IGNAZIA; Magnano, Paola; Silvia, Elastico; Valentina, Costantino; Valentina, Zapparrata; Antonino, Battiato
The relationship between attachment style, affect dysregulation and perinatal depression 1-gen-2013 Craparo, Giuseppe; Crisafi, C.; Ragonese, N.; Caretti, V.
The relationship between Internet Addiction and Social Self-efficacy in University Students. A study in a Sicilian University, Italy 1-gen-2012 Craparo, Giuseppe; Severino, Sergio
The relationship between Internet Addiction and Social Self-efficacy in University Students. A study in a Sicilian University, Italy 1-gen-2012 Severino, Sergio; Craparo, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 15.015 a 15.034 di 16.405
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